Training is one of the key to unlock your dream body. Some say it’s the most important. Without proper rest and nutrition, you won’t achieve much… Training is essential. It is the trigger that will make your muscles grow. It also raise your metabolism and burn calories, something essential if you want to burn fat.

What is the best training?

What kind of program should you use? Full body workout or split routine? How many hours, how many times a week? Compound or isolation exercises? Free weights or machines? What about cardio, interval training, periodization, circuit training, volume, intensity, rep range, ROM, tempo, myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy,  etc…

There’s so many options it’s hard to choose. And this often leads to program hopping. Changing your training program every 2 weeks, trying the latest craze or new revolution. And chances are, you still look the same in the mirror.

Training made simple

In this section I will discuss the fundamentals of training and the physiology of muscle growth. I’ll cover the different disciplines using weight training: bodybuilding, olympic lifting, powerlifting, powerbuilding and strongman training. I’ll also suggest some training programs to help you achieve your goal and give you a long term vision of what you should do to get the body you want. And most importantly set realistic goals.

  • 5×5
  • The bear program (coming soon)

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